Welcome to my Fabric Shop, Dye, Quilt, Dye!

Quilting has been my passion for years and then I discovered dyeing my own fabric and it has come close to replacing quilting in my life.  The good thing about quilting is that I can then use it up my own hand dyed fabric by making quilts and then I need to dye more fabric.  It becomes a never ending cycle.

I have worked through a number of prepared for dyeing fabric and am currently using Hoffman 100% cotton lawn.  I really like how the fabric feels and looks after the dyeing process.  As for the dyes I use, they are Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dyes and produce wonderfully bright colours on the Hoffman fabric I use. I do not use pre-mixed colours from the dye manufactures, all my colours are mixed from the pure dyes that are available.

I primary use a low-water-immersion technique that can produce a light texture to a heavy texture depending on how much manipulation I apply.  I can work with you to get the type and amount of texture you would like.

Procion MX Dyes are both light fast and wash fast. I do a through wash and rinse of my fabrics and should be colour fast.  However, I do recommend that you do a test of the fabric in the method you expect to wash your finished project.  I also recommend using a colour catcher when you wash your finished project just to make sure to sop up any loose dye that might be around.